Thursday, January 13, 2011

Santa Runs Tacoma 2010 10k Grinch Solo

Dec. 18th



Tacoma, WA

What a fun run!  The costumes alone are worth running for!  We did the 10k solo.  It was apparently new to the program.  The race was originally a 5k.  So they added a 10k and had us loop the 5k.  It was great!  The weather started out raining but as if someone called in a favor, the sun came out.  I did do this race in stellar or anything.  Wasn't a PR or anything.  But I dressed up has Suzy Snowflake.  So a wig that I was worried would fall off, and shirt that kept falling down, violation of rule, never run without testing your gear.  One of the most exciting parts of this race for me was the girl I was running beside.  I actually passed her.  At the turn around, I looked at her and said, "lets go 7010, catch me".   That is just what she did.  She had it out for me from then on. I love it.  On the final ascent (hill) I passed her briefly.  She panicked and took off to the finish line.  Yes I got my rear end beat but it was fun!    Can't wait for next year : ) Now on my runs, I visualize her and stay on her heals.

I dressed up in snowflake theme.  I wanted to be different but was happy to find my snowflake sisters.  Thank you total strangers for posing for a picture with me ; )

Sea of Santa Hats

I just hear the theme to Rocky when I see this picture.

My sister Alyssa rocked it out, as always.  She was injured but despite it, she persevered.

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