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Fact or Crap? I really love to run.  That is hard one to identify.  It is a FACT.  But it has a little crap to it.  I know that sounds classless, but it is entirely true.  My love of running is a love hate relationship.  The good news is that the more I run, the more I love it.  Why?  The tighter my buns get!  I feel stronger.  I feel amazing.  I tend not to get sick as much as my non-running self did.  If I do get sick, it short lived.  They say running is hard on your body.  Sitting on the couch and being inactive isn't ideal either.  Running isn't just about your legs.  It truly is an all over body experience.  Your body will transform right in front of your eyes.  The runners body!  So make a commitment.  Do what I did.  I changed my life.  A year and half ago, my 2 year old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM).  I was at his bedside in the hospital a whole lot.  I was  popping M&M's and wasting my perfectly healthy body.  One day I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  God told me I would be running a marathon in Austin, TX because I was very much capable.  He put it on my heart that I am blessed with strong muscles and my health.  So that is just what I did.  The experience was a soul shifter. Here I am today.  If I could run every marathon in the world, I would!

This past fall, I took a course to become a certified running coach.  So many people would ask me, "how did you do it? what have you been doing? what do I do?".  I had no idea.  I took a course which taught my how to design personal training schedules for runners.  Each runner is different.  So, yes, you can go online and find what a certain website thinks you should run. But how do you know if that is effective? How do you really know if that what you are doing is correct?  I can give you guidance, motivation, and a personalized schedule to get you in shape.  Whatever your goal is, we can work together to get you there.  You don't have to live in the same neighborhood.  We can even correspond online and through the telephone.  It's all about personalized accountability.  Let me coach you to your first half marathon, or better yet, FULL marathon.  
Do it for you.  Make a commitment now.  Let me hold you to it.  I am so motivated!  My dream is to make money doing what I love.  I would love to be your running coach.

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I am a Running Coach!