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September 18, 2011


Tacoma, WA

This year was fun.  My bestests 2nd run.  Rain.  Of course.  I saddled up with my sisters family this time.  Just before leaving the house, it was monsooning (raining really hard?).  I have said it before and I will say it again.  If you let the rain stop you around here, you'll never go anywhere.  It was nice to be dropped off at the start line.  The crowd had not built up yet so we headed for our traditional honey bucket visit.  It is my favorite to have my sister waiting for me outside the potty.  As I step out, I give my spandex running shorts a hard yank up, and announce, "I'm ready to run."  Like its a secret what everyone is doing in there?

It was chilly so we jumped around.  Our favorite is to do a fashion review.  We have found that pre-race line up have become one big running gear fashion show.  Admiring different shoe choices ect,.  One day I will have to do some interviewing about how people like what they are wearing especially while they are running.  That would be fun.

One of my big complaints about past races is where I start.  I have also started behind my pace.  Deciding whether or not I like passing people or keeping pace with my group, as not been determined.   Till now.  I started near the front.  I didn't realize just how close I parked myself up there.  When the guns went off, it was all good.  But a half mile in I started pushing.  That's all it took.  By the second mile, I was in trouble.  I had put myself up in pace group I couldn't hang with.  I burned too much too soon.  My pace came crashing down as I tried to hold on.  It was fun in the beginning.  Short lived and not ready to be in the front with the big girls.  Had to kick off my big girl panties.  I salvaged what I could of myself.  Trying to get my heart rate and endurance back.

Not every race is going to be perfect.  You can make mistakes.  I made a mistake.  Woopsie.  My time suffered.  I blew myself up so much that I was slower than last year.  But my sister wasn't!!!  And that was all worth it.

You Go Girl race, I give you thumbs up.  I loved loved loved my 10K necklace!  It hangs very well with the rest of my race medals.  Organized, great post race event.  Bagels, energy drinks, ect,.  Well done.  I will be back.
Drop off :)

Big PR for my sis!

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  1. Really enjoyed your blog and hope you'll come back!

    You may have seen this "11 Random Things" posting going around the blogosphere. I got tagged and have tagged you--it is actually pretty fun, but no pressure if you don't have time!