Monday, October 3, 2011

8k Torchlight Run

July 30, 2011


Seattle, WA


What a fun time!  I hated to the run but loved the company.  My first race with my cousin Melissa.  My second Torchlight Run with one of my besties Michelle.  It was a little rushed which I hate doing for races.  Rushing to the start line zaps your energy.  But this is more a fun run.  Although there was nothing fun about it in the end.

My cousin is a newer runner.  I planned on staying with her.  At the beginning of the race they announced if you didn't hold a 11:31 pace for the 8k, then you need to devert to the 5k race.  A few last minute hiccups at the start line and we were ready.  There were a lot of people.  I happily ran into my children's pediatrician, who, once again, beat my...........pace.  We started running.  So much fun!  There was my other cousin snapping pictures as we rounded the corner.  The parade route came up quickly.  My cousin went into a run walk run walk.  I got concerned.  Glancing down at my ipod it was hard to gage what our true overall pace was.  My nike ipod sensor is that fancy.  It said 12:13 at that point.  The 5k turn off was coming up quickly.  She was doing great, but still needing to bust down to a walk.  I had no idea what our overall was so I made the decision.  We would need to turn off to play it safe.  Of course she urged me to do the 8k, telling me she would be fine.  Looking back, I should have stayed with her!  It would have been a lot funner.  The 5k turn off was coming.  We decided I would go and she would do the 5k.  So I started to haul.  It was a nice down hill but my legs took a beating.  I immediately felt the jello effect come in to play.  My legs suddenly felt wobbly.  The route we took was all too familiar.  It looked a lot like the full marathon I had just ran in June.  As in any race, what goes down, must come up.  Up we went on the viaduct.  Jello legs, Up hill, only to be blasted with heat at the top of the viaduct.  FAIL.  My body started to get cold.  Cold in the heat?  Hyperthermia?  I felt like I might throw up.  So I immediately slowed by pace down to a trot.  Lets face it, a DNF and vomiting is not a good outcome.  I think at one point I even walked.  I chatted with a gal because I wanted her to console me regarding the doom I was in.  Not the end of the world but no fun!  I found my slow jog again. Only to be greeted by the nastiness of a steep Seattle slap me in face HILL!    You know,  the kind you don't want to be on in a stick shift car because the incline is so steep you will roll back into the person behind you!   I came in the finish line sweaty, wobbly, and not feeling well.  Felt like cussen.  What's new, lol.

I started looking for my cousin and my friends.  Found them.  No one look like they even broke a sweat.  I was practically traumatized just wanting to drink and stare.

Not that I am making excuses but after my full marathon in June, the one day STP in July, not sure I was fully recovered.  I am gonna go with that.

Back in 2011!  Tradition?  Yes!
My awesome cousin who rocked the 5k!
Yep, I wore fish net stocking.  Acted like a cheese grater on my feet.

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