Monday, June 27, 2011

Freemont 5k

So this running blog as turned into a race review kind of thing because it seems that is the only thing I have time for.  But keep the torch light I say!

Fremont 5K & Briefcase Relay

Freemont 5k

June 10, 2011

7pm Start

Ok so I think was my first race that didn't start at the crack of dawn!  And guess what, it agreed with me very much.  This was a very organized race.  I enjoyed very much : ).  I caught it on a Facebook sale of $15 bucks so that made it even more fun.  My sister, who was out of the race scene for a bit with a tight IT band, was back in action.  Finally I got my race partner back.  We had a blast bouncy around the area waiting for the briefcase relay to finish.  The course was located in Freemont, Seattle, WA.  Right down the street from the famouse Freemont Troll.  The weather was perfect.

I had went to get us matching socks earlier that day.  When suiting up we found out they were for some strange chicken lady leg sized person.  They were tight as drum on our legs.  Muffin top legs is not desirable.  But we piss pants laughed the whole time about how they were going to have surgically remove these socks.  We would run in with black legs.

The poo part was I had been fighting a bit of a cold so feeling a little under the weather.  Nothing a few sips of  beer pre-race didn't handle.  I decided not to set goals and just to run this one.  Fast, slow, no matter, just to have fun.  Sure the moment the guns go off, my mind goes right to race mode and get the hell out of my way.  Well not that bad ass.  I sound cocky but I was pleased with my time of 24.38.  5k PR.   Keep going for improvement.  Two thumbs up at the Freemont 5k!!

overall place:165 out of 584
division place:13 out of 100
gender place:31 out of 294

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