Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Level

I hit green level on my nike ipod site. Although I most likely moved up a level last week. Due to technical errors on my ipods part. I have been running sluggish. But I knew I had to run that junk out. Push push push. I learned to tape my foot up yesterday. I used duck tape. I noticed a difference so I will keep going with it. I am a little fearful of running on my same route that I did yesterday because I yelled at a driver who came up behind a bicyclist on the opposite side of the road and blared his horn. He was so busy paying attention the guy on the bike, I must have startled him when I yelled at the top on my lung "HE HAS THE RIGHT AWAY". Even if that isn't correct, it still felt good. All of us road runner can relate to being licked by a few side mirrors a time or two.  The picture to the left is why rain for days on end is no fun.  My beloved Asic!   Good thing I taped my sensor down.  Protected it from the mud.

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