Monday, August 9, 2010

Henna Tattoo in honor of RUNNING

My husband and I were lucky enough to go to Seafair this weekend. So I splurged and decided to get one of the henna tattoo's.  It apparently is a skin stain that stays 2 to 3 weeks.  I decided to do a inspirational tattoo.  I ask them to write RUN HARD in the design.  As you can see from the picture there was a little miscommunication.  My ankle says RUN DRAH.  I thought "Oh well"  no biggie.  But it bothered me so I went back to the booth and ask them to fix it.  She got a little snippie with me.  "I asked you twice how you wanted it."  I explained or I would like to say I fired back, "you asked me the style of lettering I wanted, not if I wanted the word HARD written backwards.  Instead of admitting she messed up, I went ahead and asked her to just put stars over the word hard and all would be well.  It was.  I told her she did a great job.  Internally annoyed but that is prime reason I will never get a  real tattoo.    The henna dried and fell off.  It leaves a brown color stain.  I like it ; )  Makes me want to run.

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  1. I like it too! kinda strange that she wrote it backwards?? still it's pretty.