Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favorite Shirt

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I really really really like the Livestrong collection.

Running has been going well.   I have been having some pretty strong runs which is great because that means my stamina is increasing a little so I will take it.  I did an 8k in Bonney Lake this past weekend.  I had to walk the first mile with the kids because the hubby was late but he met me at mile one.  I really pushed hard to make up ground.  The course was hill after hill after hill.  So for me it was challenging.  Might not have been for others.  I knew I had over done a bit that night because my muscles were not happy with me.  Everything ached.  Aleve really helped but getting up early, getting the family out the door was draining.  I love going to these events.  They are so much fun.  My daughter and her best friend Kapri completed the 8k.  So did my 9 year old nephew who smoked it!  He came in minutes behind me barely sweaty.   My son got a little confused. He ended up taking a short cut to the finish line. It was an honest mistake.    Next time.  My finish time was 46.22.  Not bad for a very slow start pace.  I still have a lot of room for improvement.  There are no on line results.  It was not chipped.  So we took pictures of what place we came in.   My sister  Alyssa ran a great 8k.  It was her first!  That counts as a PR right?

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