Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ahh long runs

Off in the distance is one big
hill.  No I didn't stop.
I had quit the week last week so I was looking forward to a nice long run during our Labor Day weekend camping trip.  I got one in!  It felt amazing.  Ok.  It hurts, but the reward is more than you can wrap your mind around unless you do it.  I have found with the more I run, the greater or the more I feel those endorphines release.  I did  thirteen miles with a lot of kick butt hill work.  At least 2 miles of up hill.  My thighs were popping after I was done.  I took Sunday off and started back in again on Monday.  My goal this week is to run everyday.  Not miss any days.  That in itself is challenge with the schedule.  Monday I had my first fall run.  Ran in the down pour rain.  It was very very difficult to get myself out there. I just wanted to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and watch a movie.  Once I got on the road, I felt better and was able to forget the images of the couch.  My husband kept saying, "it's raining now".  I told him if you let the rain stop you, you will let anything stop you.

My Next Race
So I am toying with the idea of doing a half marathon here in my home town Black Diamond.  It's coming up quick, on the 26th.  It's a small race so it will be humbling as I am sure I will be last.  But it will give me a chance not to hide in the crowds.  The run is at Nolte Park.  I have run there before.  The cost is 40 dollars so we shall see.

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