Wednesday, September 8, 2010

JUNE 25, 2011

The Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon, June 25th, 2011 is my next full marathon.  This particular event is important to me because the foundation, Cure JM, will be there.   I have been apart of this foundation since my son was diagnosed with JDM in May of 2009.  This is where I draw my inspiration from.  Recently, on my runs, I have been going over in my head how I would like to start a running group geared toward training for this event.  My friend Michelle and I have talked about started this awhile ago.  June will roll back around before we know.  I want to go by a schedule.  I want to start slow, in efforts of attracting beginners.  Gradually increasing mileage and pace.  I am registered for a class in October down in Portland, OR to get my running coach certificate.  So I am not experienced as far as coaching.   But I know exactly what its like to begin.  If anyone finds my blog and is interested in participating, leave me a comment : ).   If not, leave me excuses.  I have been collecting those as well.  I am not keeping that list of excuses to criticize anyone or make myself seem better then them.  I am keeping them so I can learn how to break you out of that reason or excuse.  The number one reason I hear for the most part is:


Answer:  How do you know?  Have you tried?  Besides, no one is asking you to run that FAR............................yet : ).  
This particular reason is one that is loaded.  I have so much to say on it.

Some reason's are truly legitimate.  People with certain medical conditions who cannot run.  I truly would not attempt running with them because if it is truly going to harm you, you need to find another calling. 

So bring them on.  One recently I heard is: 


Yeah, me neither.  It's not comfortable.  It's even a little traumatic.  So go ahead and sit down on the bench since your uncomfortable. *NOT*  You need to give your body that chance to get use to moving oxygen, and blood.  Your body is like a wild stallion.  It 's needs to be broken in.  Hang in there.  Keep going.  It will except it.  If you stop, your are only training your mind and body that you will stop each time.  Just keep going.

I want more.  Give me more.  I want to hear every excuse and/or reason you can give me for not starting this amazing journey.  If you want to train with me,  let me know.  I am willing to go step for step with you.

JUNE  2011 is waiting for you.

Start training now.  Slowly ramping up, avoid waiting.  If you wait to train, you risk injury by fitting in too much too soon.


  1. I am going to run in the rock n roll marathon in june 2011, right now I am only committing to the half but I will be there sister. I need all the motivation and inspiration that I can get.

  2. Well... here it is Erika, my commitment. While I won't be running with you until that date, I'm committing to training and doing the full Marathon! Thanks so much for your motivation, and I admire your spirit and drive! My daughter, Taylor, was diagnosed with JDM on Dec 13th of 2009. My sister and I are running the 1/2 marathon in Chicago for Cure JM this weekend... wish you could be there!

  3. Here are my questions for you...

    1.How many bugs will I have to swallow each time I am out running?
    2. When will my legs start to feel like feathers instead of lead weights?