Thursday, September 23, 2010


We just signed up for the You Go Girl 10k.  We, being me and my sister.  I am so excited!  Sunday, September 26th, 8:45am sharp.  The night before we are meeting up with other blog runners.  I am also looking forward to that.

Running has been going well.  I feel like I am gradually getting stronger.  My normal pace I feel more and more comfortable.  I thought, "oh geeez, this can't be good.  I need to turn it up."   My body is starting to get use to it. Work work work it.  I always thought my ipod sensor is off.  Like way off.  It always felt like I was running way faster then the speed indicated.  I thought this was confirmed with the races I enter.  I always have a much better minute per mile for races.  Must be the excitement of the race that pushes me. Maybe my ipod isn't that far off.  After my run last night I felt a little run down and cold.  I had a hard time getting warm and was a little achy.  I may just do a small run and take it easy until Sunday.  This was confirmed when I tried to do Yoga this morning.  No go!  My body felt good stretching but something just feels off.  It's one of my rules.  Listen to your body.

I loved loved watching Biggest Loser.  It was a huge inspiration.  I got a lot good giggles from the lady that thought she may just die.  "OH LORDY".  She tried her best!  I commend her for it.  That woman lost her three year old to cancer.  She has every right to be has dramatic as she wants.  Yes, losing your baby gives you that.  It also takes away everyones words of what they think about it.

These people are so brave.  They are so inspirational!  Every single person makes me cry.  Not because they are "big" but because they are so brave and amazing.  Not to mention I am a BIG FAN of Jillian Michaels.   I want to be her.  Well I want to be me but she is pretty great!  I love her game on stare.  It rocks!

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