Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing Heather.....committed to the half marathon June 2011

This is my friend Heather.  She is the Aunt of Mason Smedley.  Heather has been rock it with training.  She committed to running the 1/2 marathon.  I can't wait for June Heather.  Heather is from Hillsboro, OR.  Go Team Cure JM

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  1. Oh, you silly girl.....There is no turning back now. I am definately commited to doing a 1/2 marathon and when I am actually paying attention to how far 13.1 miles is, believe me I get a little nervous. But I know I can do it and I know that I will do it for Mason, for Gary, for Jayden, for Ava, for Cole and Tanner. This is only a few of the JM kids that I personally know. I recently sent my story to the S2H group and this is what I said about my experience.
    "I have a body that can function. I am able to walk and breathe on my own. I have all the freedom one could hope for and until now I was doing nothing about it. I was choosing to waste away my healthy body as I watched my nephew's body be destroyed by this ravaging disease. He did not choose this disease. It chose him. I am no longer going to sit back and watch and wonder what I can do. I will run the streets of Seattle in June 2011 for the Cure JM team in honor of Mason. I WILL joyfully and tearfully cross that finish line no matter how long it takes. I CAN and I WILL."
    Erika Bradford, I could not do this without your support and inspiration. Stand tall and be proud you are changing lives my friend.