Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Questions!

Wooo hooo!   New questions and reasons to answer.  Thank you Heather D. and Alyssa!

Here goes!

1.How many bugs will I have to swallow each time I am out running?

Bugs can be challenging.  Wings in the throat can certainly mess with your pace and breathing.  I say just swallow, whish down some water and enjoy the protein.  Some runs I am just not really hungry.  So I practice the bob and weave.  It's great for your abs.   

AnimatedMosquito.gif Mosquito animated image by ibeeme1

2. When will my legs start to feel like feathers instead of lead weights?
Feathers.jpg Feathers image by Foyxen  

I have yet to achieve the feather like feel in my legs.  I will challenge you though on something I have been trying out.  During your run, put your shoulders back, look straight ahead.  Keep your arms strong.  Squeeze your abs up and hold.  Do this as long as you can.  Try starting your stride from your hips as well.  Carefully incorporating that movement into your run.  Notice how your legs and feet feel.  You won't be able to do this for  very long, well, at least I am not able to.  But I have been practicing each night I run.  I have been able to get further and further with this posture.  This has helped me feel faster, and my legs like they are not doing all the work.   



I too have felt "colds" coming on.  This can be tricky.  You obviously have to be very careful.  If you truly are coming down with something your best option is to rest.  You could aggravate your body and fall hard into your pending sickness.  On the other hand, its funny what our minds will create as a last minute ditch attempt to not have to complete a physical task.  Learn yourself.  Learn your body.  More than once I have felt not so great.  The moment my feet hit the pavement and the first mile as come and gone, that pending cold disappears.  I joke with my sister,  "I have a sore throat",   I reply with, "go run it out!"     I can't stress enough though to use extreme caution.  You will know for sure once you get out there if you truly are sick, or your head is playing tricks on you.

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  1. I'm not sure where to leave my questions.
    I am wondering what kind of stretching you do before and after you run. I find that my calves are so stinking tight and really burn and drag me down. I need to know the best way to stretch them.
    Also how do you convince yourself to go further. How long do you run a certain course before you increase your distance? Seems like I have been doing the same 4 miles for awhile now, but still kicks my butt everytime. I want to increase distance but feel too exhausted.