Monday, September 27, 2010


Excellent race! We had so much fun.  The morning started off at 6am.  I met my sister at the car in our driveway.  The rain was pouring.  I was excited about that.  I am a big fan of running in the rain.  Keeps you cool :).  On our way we decided to stop off in Auburn to try and hunt down a "Rain Poncho".  Instead we ended up with a latte and pumpkin bread from Starbucks.  Later on, that was a mistake.  We were worried about being cold while waiting for the race to start.  But we would rather get there to avoid the stress of finding parking.  We drove in Tacoma, no traffic which was not usual so that was a nice surprise.  We found a parking garage.  At this point, I am not ashamed to admit it, is where the mistake of the latte and pumpkin bread kicked in.  My sister enjoyed playing a trick on me in the midst of my mistake.  I asked her before we left the driveway, "do you have your chip?" and she said yes.  She slyly slipped in that she left that envelope at home (envelope contained the chip).  Of course I freaked out.  She sit there in the car seat like one of the cartoon hyenas laughing.  It reminded me of the scene from Roger Rabbit when the evil guy yells at the cartoon hyenas that if they keep they'll explode.
After our playful banter, part of dealing with our nerves for the race, we headed over to pay for our parking spot.  There was a line and it was moving slow.  I left my sister in that line to go to try to find a solution to my pumpkin latte and pumpkin bread problem that was making my tummy cramp.  Nothing nearby.  Ok  slightly panicked at this point because I wasn't going to be running if I didn't find a potty.   The minutes were ticking away when the pay meter malfunctioned.  Woot woot!  Free parking!  We quickly headed to the start line to find the porta potties.  My big fear was that we wouldn't make it in time.  The lines were long as they always are at races.  Our only chance was to get in line and pray.  It surprisingly moved quickly.  We made it.  I was ready to run now!  The rain poured but I didn't mind.  We were way back from the start line.  The crowd was thick.  I wanted to start kind of in the front this time.  I always end up in the back.  I haven't decided it if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  I like getting around people.  It makes me feel faster.  But sometimes you hit road blocks.  Runners running together in a line.  Next race I am lining up early so I can get a spot with my pace group.

The streets of Tacoma are a little rough.  Dump some rain of that and you reallly have to careful.  On a few spots in the course there were large metal squares that were smooth as ice.  Everyone tried to avoid them.  I went right over a  few fully expecting the possibility of having my rear end crash to the ground.  But I tip toe'd quickly over them.  No problem.

What goes up must come down.  The You Go Girl race came complete with up and down.  We had some pretty good climbs.  I try not to be afraid of hills but the first couple miles there were some that were one right after the other.  But as soon as we came around the park up by Tacoma General we start winding back down to the water front.  Ahhhhh.  I mean it wasn't easy on those hills but the reward was great.  I was able to make up time by picking up my feet and letting gravity help out.

So I looked at my inaccurately calibrated nike ipod sensor and it said I was a mile out.  I started getting nervous because I didn't see the 10K turn off anywhere.  I did see a large hill coming up.  I had developed a side ache flying down the hills so I was thinking, "geez are we suppose to done?".  Oh no.  Did I miss it.  Am I running the half marathon?  Shooot.   Then I spotted Mom and Dad.  There it was, the turn off to finish.  Wooooo!   I turned it up and turned it on.  Sprinted in.  Never finish a race just pacen' in!  Turn it up.  Beat the clock.  Make it triumphant.  As I crossed the clock said 54.06 (and ticking).

They put a plastic rainbow lay around my neck, cut my sensor off, and I was done!  Awesomeness all the way.

Nothing but flames! My sister rocken it out at the You Go Girl Race.

I met up with my Mom and Dad.  We started to be on the look out for my sissy.  So I haven't told her this but it didn't take long and there she was!  The part I didn't tell her was I didn't expect her that fast!  She was running in so awesome and so strong.  Rocketing in.  She recovered quickly and looked sensational.  I am so proud of her.  I passed her in the opposite direction during the race.  I had to fight my emotions back because it was starting to take my breath.  What a great day.  I was a little bummed the hubby and kids didn't make it down in time but they showed up.  They ended up have to park 1/2 mile away.  Gary (my three year old) did his own little marathon.  As we walked back to the car, he kept wanting to sit down on the side walk.  Poor buddy boy.  We snapped pictures but they somehow didn't make it on to my camera ; ( .   Oh well there will be other races.  The best part is the fact that I insist on wearing make up.  Why?  Why do I do it.  I need to lose the make up.  I look like a drowned RAT!  Doesn't my sister look haught?!!! Drop by her facebook and let her know click HERE.  She is so ready for a half.

Always running for CURE JM

Our stats were good.  I had put a goal in of getting the 10k done in 60 minutes.  I had ran on Thursday and timed myself.  I didn't make it.  But the raced proved otherwise.  My official time was 53.08 giving me a 8:34 mile.  Not too bad.  The average finishing time for the 10k was 1:17.26.  My sister finished with an above average time of 1:09.21.  YOU GO GIRL!  I placed 8th in our age bracket.  I was tiny bummed to see 5th place was awarded a bracelet.  I want a bracelet.  Oh well.  Just goes to show I have some work to do.  I love the fact that when I first started running, I didn't give a crap about the stats.  Starting to care now : ).  It's a fun numbers game.  

bib number:2107
location:Black Diamond, WA
overall place:43 out of 791
division place:8 out of 168
gender place:42


I am pleased to announce that I will soon be losing my third toe nail.  My middle toe nail I have lost twice now.  My left toe is now working on lifting off.  It stung a little but I lose it proudly!  Badges of honor.  Yep. I got me some ugly ugly feet now but just above those feet are some tightening calf muscles.  All yeah baby!  My sister also got her first real cool running blood blister.  She didn't find it until afterwards.  I am so proud.  She showed it to me.  I told her it was AWESOME. True Runners!

The night before we went to the Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma to meet some ladies that were running in the You Go Girl race as well.  We had fun getting to know a few of them.  Tall Mom was there.  We chatted for a bit.  I really enjoyed it!  It is fun to see what running brings to your life.  Nice meeting all you girls.  You are all an inspiration.  New friends, new blogs to follow!:   Becka over at 50 Half Marathons in 50 States.  Yes, I am jealous, very much.  Check out her blog,  its great.

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