Monday, October 25, 2010

Dawg Dash 10k 2010

October 24, 2010

Seattle, WA


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Yay!  I got to do the Dawg Dash!   I had not even entertained after falling last Saturday and hurting my knee.  But as the week went on I decided to try it out and run.  I ran 2, 5, and 6 mid week.  All systems were a go.  Dad brought it up on Friday night.  He offered to pay for it so I couldn't say no : )  Thanks Daddy!  We signed up on Friday night so I took Saturday off from running.  The weather forecast was not pretty but we live in Washington.  If we waited for the rain to stop we would never go outside.  My sister claims I didn't explain the whole forecast to her properly but hey!  I run better in the rain.

My brother-in-law decided to crash our sister team which was perfectly fun and fine.  We dressed in headed to toe in purple and gold.  We dressed correctly.  When we arrived that morning at Husky Stadium, it was a sea of purple and gold.  It was cold, windy, and rainy.   The race was dog friendly.  It was fun getting to see all the different dogs.  I think my favorite was the large St. Bernard.  I would never ever ever own a St. Bernard but they are fun to look at.  We got checked in and played the waiting game.  We had easy access to the bathrooms which hardly anybody was using so that was very nice for a change.  My race ritual seems to be using the potty frequently.  My little sister brought us purple knee high socks.  So just in time we were able to rock the purple socks!  I loved them.

We lined up on the track in Husky Stadium.  The atmosphere was awesome.  It was probably my favorite "surroundings" at a race so far.  The rest of the family has not arrived yet.  My sister and brother-in-law said by and went to the back of the pack.  For the first time I was starting with my pace group.  The one thing I noticed right away was the level of physically fit people I was standing around.  It definitely was a crowd that took running seriously.  There was a five minute delay radio'd in from the Seattle PD.  Just in time to see my family come in at the top of the bleachers.  It was very cool getting to see them and wave right before I ran.  The delay was over and it was time to run.  I always pick a song to start with.  This time it was Welcome to the Jungle.  It was a good song to start out too.  The only part I didn't like is when it said "your gonna die!"  It messed with my physcee a little bit.  Like, this is to hard, your gonna die.  But I didn't listen and pretend the song was talking to everyone around me.  The pace was a little to fast for me.  I was burning quickly.  I wasn't getting passed but knew it was coming.  A large part of the race was incline.  The annoying slight incline.   The course was all threw campus which was so much fun. Too bad I was working so hard that I didn't enjoy.  I plan on going back and strolling thru campus to take it all in.

My Favorite
The Washington Husky Alumni band playing at the fountain in the middle of campus.
My little brother is up from Miami visiting.  Fun to have the whole family there!
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Running in at Husky Stadium.
Elexis (my daughter) running in the Husky Pup Dash.

My Not Favorite
I felt like I had jello legs the whole time.
The slippery pavement.
The fact they combined the 5k course with the 10k numerous times.
My daughter falling down during the Pup Dash : ( ,  she cried and cried.
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My time wasn't a PR but that is ok considering one week ago I couldn't get out of bed because of my trail run fall.  So all was good, and it was so much fun!
bib number:3185
location:Black Diamond, WA
overall place:356 out of 1084
division place:30 out of 185
gender place:97 out of 571
gun time:53:36
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I think my time was ten seconds slower because my jersy was water logged!

Watch to the very end.  Robert and I came running over after seeing Elexis fall!  Look for a group hug and purple knee high socks.        : (

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  1. Heeeeyyyyyyyy Erika!

    I did it... signed up for the Seattle Marathon this morning!! So excited, now I need to get running... I've let a few emotional/life issues get in the way of my weekly running so it's been about a month since I've been on the pavement... Somehow I forget that running actually helps you get around these things.

    Question... most marathon training schedules are 16 to 17 weeks right? So what do I do until that time? I can usually keep a good schedule of 16 to 20 miles per week... is that a good routine? Look at me, assuming your my trainer, just wondering.

    Have a great week! Just wanted to let you know I'm on board!