Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Client!

I went on my first coach/client run last night.  We did two miles.  He did well.  It was a great lesson for me as well.  Teachers learn the best from their students.  Well, same applies.  My client was whiney, and struggled.  He threw every excuse out there.  It was good to try and think of things to break thru his mind of what was holding him back.  He didn't listen very well but that's ok for our first time out.  It's about finding your own way with running.  No one can do it for you.  The coach/client relationship may have been compromised in this situation due to the marital status BUT it's a start!   : )   It was a good test for my knee which is yellow and itchy.  That means its healing.  I had the best surprise this week!  My baby brother is in town.  I was treated to a massage of sorts after my run.  My brother is an expert.  He has learned a lot of the body and how it responds and adapts to exercise.  I have been dying to get him up here to help me with my plantar's facistus (sp?).   He knows how to Walf?   its called.  Ha ha  I will have to ask him.  Maybe he wouldn't mind writing a  piece on his technique for my blog!   Must ask.  :)   My next client has been ditching me.  That too is good.  It's good experience for me to have every type thrown at me.  I can learn the tricks of the trade as well as developing my own.  One factor I do know.   Only you can run.  I can't run for you.  It is the hardest in the beginning.  To start is to win.   My client from yesterday is very sore so we are going to take back down to one mile.  You have to start somewhere.  You have to.   Because no one can start for you.

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