Thursday, October 7, 2010



October 2, 2010

Enumclaw, WA

Mud Mountain Dam 5k

I will spare you all the Dam jokes.  I pretty much got those out of my system on Facebook.  It was a good morning.  Cool.  Fall like morning.  My sister and I met our good friend Heather up at the DAM.  Heather provided the pink socks!  I loved them.  We rocked our pink socks.  The run itself took me by surprise.  I don't know why I assumed some of it would be trail and most would be road.  It was the other way around.  No big deal but it definitely was difficult to keep pace.  Roots, rocks, logs, sticks, leaves, and branches.  The leaves blanketed the trail so SURPRISE!  If it's possible to keep your ankles loose so you don't turn one, now would have been a good time to do that.   I walked twice.  I have to be honest my jaw drops at me even typing that sentence.  I walked?  During a race?  What is this world coming too.  It's funny.  In my mind I am strong, invincible even.  Oh the defeat.   LOL   It was good experience.   I did not get a PR.  My last 5k was 26.04.  This 5k was 26.09.  This race wasn't chipped so there is some room there so I may have gotten a PR but I can't prove it.  Oh well, my next 5k I will get it!  Heather did very well.  I finish 46 and she finished 57th? I believe.  It not as accurate when races aren't chipped but it works.  My sister did AWESOME.  She officially has a PR but its hard to tell again because this was trail and her first race she fell.  So the search is on for our next 5k!  

My Favorite
My favorite part was I won a pair of shoes from Fleet Feet!  One hundred bucks towards my third set of Asics!    YES!!!!!



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