Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RRCA Coaching Certification

I passed.  So glad to have that done.  Now I just need to get my First Aid and CPR and I am good to go and will officially be listed as a RRCA coach.  I'm excited.  It was a 2 day course.  I learned a lot.  I really did enjoy learning about running and coaching technique's.  I found myself being asked constantly about running.  Now when you ask me, look out.  I am long winded.    

Road Runners Club of America

This sucks.  I estimate I have at least another week of healing.  My knee feels funkie.  I know its from the contusion in there.  As soon as that heals, I will be ready.  Part of me thinks it might be a good idea to go have an xray to make sure I am not trying to heal something that isn't going to heal.  BUT I am if that were the case, I would be having a lot more PAIN and swelling.  It is uncomfortable at the most.  Yeah, painkillers are helping with that but like I said I will give it a few more days.  My arm is starting to get some more mobility back in it.  I text my friend that I was surprised my body didn't take it better.  Whenever something like this happens, it always makes me think of movies.  When they are doing an action seen.  The person is being all tossed around.  "Yeah right I shout,  that dude is gonna be hurting,  he's gonna be in bed for a week after that."   Oh geez.   Its only been 3 days of no running and I am already crazy.  

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