Monday, July 26, 2010

My first 5k!

*For some reason I can't get this post to line up right, so it looks a little funky*

Saturday Morning
Enumclaw, WA

I ran my first 5k.  So it seems that I went backwards.  I started with a full, then did a 1/2, and now a 5k.  Usually it goes in opposite order but hey, that's the ABC's of me?  It just sort of worked out that way.  I was really really excited for this one because my sister and niece were running in it to.  But lets not forget my Michelle.  We were the first ones there to sign-in.  The sun was out.  The morning was already beginning to warm up with the sun shining.  A beautiful morning for a run.  I had not signed up yet so it was good we were there to make sure there were no difficulties.  We were the race officials first "run thru" they said.  After getting registered, we went to breakfast at  The Kettle.  (If you have never been, it is a must).  We fueled up with some really great oatmeal The Kettle serves.  It was so much fun.

Start Line Fun Time

We headed to start line where we found Mom and Dad waiting. Well Mom was doing Zumba with a crowd of women.  Of course we joined in!  Very fun.
After Zumba, 9:00 was quickly approaching.  I roamed around a bit and found Tall Mom.  I introduced myself briefly.  I let her know I would be joining her down in Portland in October for the coaches certification class.  She was very nice.  I was honored to finally meet her!  They started announcing it was time to line up appropriately.  Six minute mile runners in the front.  That was not me.  We had hope to meet up after the race.

The Race

We were all lined up side by side at the start line. The announcer was giving directions on where to go for the race.  I felt worried for a second but whatever.  We were having sharing which songs we were starting out.  The time ticked down and we were off and running.  I felt great.  The start of the race is the funnest part.  Nothing hurts yet.  The course went down about a half mile surprisingly turned into a trail.  It was rocky, dusty, dirty, and bushy but no worries.  It was difficult to get around people.  As the trail went on it narrowed even more.  I eventually got stuck behind a 8 year old girl running with her Dad.  I really had to back off because she was all over the place with her footing.  She was doing great.  It did not bother me.  The trail finally ended and broke back out onto the road.  The road was lite up with the sun.  I was able to get my pace back up.  Then the sun started doing a dance on my head and weighing me down. At the end of the road the course turned around.  This meant we got to see the lead runner.  I had fun cheering on the 2nd and 3rd place guys running.  "Come on, you can catch him!  Go Go Go!".  Soon 2 teenagers who looked like it was nothing to them cruised on by.  Behind them came Tall Mom.  I saved my best cheer for her.  "Come on Tall Mom, catch those pixies!"  She looked great, pushing on.  It was time for me to turn back which meant I would get to pass my loved ones.  My niece was first up.  I yelled, "come on, catch me".  My sister was next. She looked great.  She was fiddling with her ipod going strong.  I nearly missed Michelle and Cam.  I was starting to try and pick it up.  The gal in front of me looked like she was trying to work out a side ache or something.  She was doing a weird bend and crunch thing.  I kind of felt bad for her because I could tell she was struggling.  We then entered the trail again.  The bushes and grass seemed to be trapping the heat, so sweat was a pouring.  I wanted to pass bending lady. She was trying hard to keep pace.  I passed her as the trail widen. We were soon back on the road.  This meant the home stretch.  I began to hurt because my body knew sprinting was coming.  I told myself as soon as I cross that finish, its done.  Focus on that.  I opened up the best I could. The clock said 26.0something.  I growled because it wasn't much of an improvement.  After crossing I turned back up the street after finding my breath.  The family was there on the side line now looking for the next member of our crew.   The sweat from my race was pouring into my eyes.  I was temporarily blinded by sweat and make up.  Yes, I put make up on before a run.  Why I don't know.  Smearing it all over seem logical.  I would have hunted down a towel but then I would missed everyone crossing the finish.


Bryanna was first we spotted.  She looked a little zapped from the heat but finished strong.

Next we were on the look out for my sister.  We spotted her running in.  We all began to cheer.  What seemed like slow motion, her leg waved like a flag.  Suddenly she was on the ground.  My heart sank as the crowd gasped.  I was over come with emotion.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  She was down.  My brother-in-law took off running towards her out on the course.  My nephew followed.  I could see her trying to get back up.  Several people tried to help but she appeared to bat at them.  She wanted her husbands hand.  They got on both sides of her and began the trek in toward the finish line.  I was a balling mess!  I was so scared she had fractured it.  She had worked so hard up to this race.  She has been training for the Leavenworth 1/2 Marathon in October.  All of it potentially was left back in the pothole that took her down.  At 50 yards from the finish her ankle seemed to un-kink.  She finished on her own.  Several people around me were gasping how great it was she finished.  

After the race our families went to explore the Enumclaw Street Fair.  It was full of vendors and booths.  We came up on one booth that had these cut pirate scarfs for Saturdays pirate run.  I got to chatting with the lady.  She asked about my Cure JM shirt.  I told her about Gary and Juvenile Dermatomyositis.  She was asked a lot of questions.  She was very nice.  I selected 2 of her scarfs.  I asked if she could set them aside in a bag for me.  My friend had my money and I would come back and pay for them when I caught up with her.  She agreed, bagged them and set them aside.  I walked away to the corner where a few family member were standing.   Suddenly she was behind me.  I turned around and she said  "Here, I want you to have these.  Put the money towards that (pointing to my shirt) and have a  good run next weekend."  I started to refuse but was so touched.  I am not one to interfere with God blessings.  I could hardly believe it.  I called Michelle to tell her the news.  I told her to come quick with her camera so we could get our pictures taken with her.  So to you lady at the booth.  Here is to you and yours.  May God Bless you ten fold for your kindness.

  • My favorite was trying Zumba before the race started.
  • My favorite was improving on my minute per mile.
  • My favorite was having my Mom and Dad there.
  • My favorite was having the Pritchow, Saas, and Luddington Families there.

    • My favorite was meeting Tall Mom from blog world.


  1. Hi Erika, I found out about your blog on Tall Mom on the Run earlier today. I just checked out your other blog too and read about your son Gary and Juvenile Dermatomyositis, I hadn't heard of it before. Your little boy Gary looks so sweet! Good luck with your running and also to Gary and the mission to remission!

  2. Hey there dear Erika, You are such an inspiration! You are so strong, whether you think so or not! I am so proud of you! You are such a leader to family, friends, and those who stumble across your blogs! Not only is blogging/journaling very therapeutic but it provides so much encouragement to others! You never give up! We all have times of trials, failures, and victories but we don't all share them. When life gives you lemons, you make lemon juice! I can only hope to be as strong as you one day. I'm not sure I am ready to stretch myself and I somewhat fearful to encounter circumstances that will most certainly stretch me! Knowing God is the wind beneath your wings gives me hope!

  3. FINALLY getting around to coming to say HI.. I am a Follower now :) and FB friend.. I was giggling inside at Jury Duty thanks to you.. "Off with their meth dealing heads!"

    HUGS!! When will I see you next??