Saturday, July 17, 2010

My first Triathlon is tomorrow

Tomorrow is my very first triathlon.  I, of course, have been on and off nervous.  We spent the day with my parents today in Seattle.  We had a blast.  Stop number one was picking up my packet for the morning.  I was so excited to have my husband and parents with me.  I left a note for my friend who is also racing tomorrow.  When they handed me my packet I took the stuff over it and glanced at the material for any questions I might have.  I shrugged off the fact that my hat was yellow.  I thought hmmm thought I was blue.  Oh well.  Skip along my merry way.  Our next stop was REI.  My husband and I were celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary so it was time for some treats.  He bought me an awesome new water belt for running.  I also picked out some most excellent running shorts!  I am so excited to race in them.  Two hours later, (a lot of things to look at in REI) and we were off to dinner at Ivars on Lake Union.    We had so much fun laughing and giggling with them.  The stress began when I got home.  I pulled all my stuff out of my bag and started reading.  I discovered why I had a yellow hat.  Dunn dunn dunnnnn.   They have me racing as a male!!  I hope this is an easy fix in the morning or I am in trouble.  Then I started going over the rules.  The have DQ's.  Being new to the triathlon world this scared the heck out of me.  A quick call to my friend though and she put me at ease.  I am anxious for 4am to come.  I am a little disappointed that ipod's are not allowed during the race.  Not even running.  Oh well.   Here goes nothing.  Until tomorrow.  Pictures are of me getting my "body marking's".   Good times!

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