Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have been shopping all the triathlons and races.  This can be an expensive hobby.  So worth it.  But on a single income, next to impossible and not very reasonable.  Maybe I should find a sponsor?   Must brain storm on how to get around this.  I love jotting down idea's like this.  I want to get into every avenue there is when it comes to running.  Including how to pay for it.  My vbf pointed out that if I did a race once a month then it kind of works out to the expense of a gym membership.  Good point!  : )     But that is why I am not a member of a gym lol. ; ( I would love to have CURE JM sponser me.  I could go around doing all the races in my CURE JM outfit.  Problem though is we or they are a non-profit organization.  We are trying to make money for research, not give it away.

Must do more research.

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