Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tummy Flips

Not sure why my nerves are getting to me.  The Triathlon isn't until Sunday.  Maybe its because I still have a few more details to get worked out.   Like my bike.  The tires are too large.  6 days before the race, I have decided I must make alternate arrangements.  My Dad has been helping me out with it.  There is nothing like the support of Daddy.  Ahhhh bleeding hearts of the world unite, I love him!  You too Mom.  Not to discredit the Mommie. I have been swimming.  I have done the 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run three time now?  I know I can do it but its just like the Austin Marathon.  It's new.  It's not what I know, its what I don't know I think that tugs on me.  I think I need to run these nerves out.  I got so caught up in working out my bike problem, I didn't train yesterday.  That's ok though, I will put it in today full force.   Tomorrow will have to be a light day because of infusion day at the hospital.

I AM..........
I was thinking the other day that I am really looking forward to getting more races under my belt and more experience.  I am looking forward to improving my time.  I am looking forward to learning all I can to improve myself.  I am super excited to announce I am now registered to become certified as a Running Coach.  

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